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Consulting Services
Creation of Drawing Standards and Procedures 
Having documented over 400 million square feet of space in AutoCAD, we have developed procedures for creating and maintaining facilities drawings efficiently and uniformly.  ACAD-Plus, Inc. can help you implement these procedures within your organization. When multiple operators work on multiple drawings, the opportunities for inconsistency between the drawings increase exponentially.  AutoCAD contains hundreds of variables and settings, unlimited symbology and layers, different scaling mechanisms, all of which affect the look and usability of the final drawings.  ACAD-Plus, Inc. has spent years creating and refining standards for the facilities management discipline.  These standards can be customized for your specific requirements.

Facility Management Graphics Implementation 
Every company has different goals for their facilities management graphics.  Some simply need data accessibility and integrity within their facilities/operations department.  Others wish to implement a graphical information system that the entire institution can use to retrieve facilities data.  We can analyze your needs and customize the graphics to fulfill your requirements.