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The PlotPlan Software Features

The PlotPlan Software is the premier utility for Home Builders who need to generate multiple plot plans and lot fit analysis. PlotPlan is available for all versions of AutoCAD based products. The latest version has many new features to make it even more versatile and user-friendly.

  • Increased Productivity - Create finished plot plan drawings in less than a minute.
  • More Flexibility - Allows the use of home plan options for multiple fit analysis from a single footprint.
  • Reduced Training - Requires minimal AutoCAD training. Learn to create a plot plan in a few hours.
  • Improved Accuracy - Provides pinpoint geometric accuracy, eliminating accidental encroachments.
  • Reduced Construction Costs - Calculate precise sod and flatwork requirements.
  • Enhanced Uniformity - Draws plot plans according to your corporate standards every time.
  • Improved Organization - Conveniently stores and retrieves data in a uniform structure. 
  • Simple Analysis Data Manipulation - Exports Fit Analysis data directly to Microsoft Excel
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