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FMG-Plus Sample Floorplan
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FMG-Plus © Features

ACAD-Plus, Inc. developed FMG-Plus in 1991 to link floor plan drawings to facilities management databases. The software module runs seamlessly within AutoCAD, the worldwide leader in CAD software. By combining the capabilities of AutoCAD with FMG-Plus, a complete, flexible facilities management solution is achieved. 

FMG-Plus provides a bi-directional link between the AutoCAD drawings and the database.  With FMG-Plus’ capability of exporting data from the floor plan drawings directly into the database, accurate room counts and area calculations are guaranteed.  With FMG-Plus’ capability of importing data from the database into your floor plan drawings, accurate graphical reports can be generated with ease.

FMG-Plus includes the following features:

  • Define area boundaries automatically or interactively according to IFMA, BOMA or any other institutional standards.
  • Identify each space with a configurable symbol while insuring that each space ID is unique and intelligently linked to an area boundary.
  • Modify and delete rooms using standard AutoCAD commands.  Room counts and area calculations are updated in the database automatically with the next export.
  • Automatically audit the floor plans for redundant or missing area boundaries and space identifiers.
  • Cross check area calculations by comparing the sum of all individual space area boundaries to a gross area boundary.
  • Comprehensive database using any SQL Engine including Microsoft Access, SQL Server, Oracle, etc.
  • Easy to use and learn “spreadsheet” and “form” style data entry.
  • Retrieve all database information about a space by simply selecting it on the AutoCAD floor plan.
  • Includes standard queries, or “views” to any depth (floor, building, facility, site, or overall) using any field or any combination of up to five fields (hundreds of different ways to “view” the data and perform calculations).
  • Determines the total number of rooms and calculates square footage using any of the “view” combinations.
  • Automatically color or hatch each space on the floor plan based on any data stored in FMG-Plus.
  • Automatically write data into each space on the floor plan based on any data stored in the Database.
  • Supports predefined graphic reports for convenience when generating frequently used reports.
  • Generates hundreds of different standard reports.
  • Supports ad hoc reports for highly specialized needs.
  • Supports an unattended batch reporting system that allows managers to request graphical reports without using AutoCAD or interrupting the CAD operators.
  • The FMG-Plus technology can be adapted for varying specialized needs including: lease management, maintenance management, asset tracking, retail applications, stack diagrams, and web-based information sharing.
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