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FMG-Planning Module © Features

The FMG-Planning add-on module for AutoCAD allows Space Planners to quickly experiment with room data in floor plans so they can visualize various planned scenarios. This is sometimes referred to as creating “what if” scenarios.

Several methods are available to the planner to quickly assign data to each room. Rooms are optionally colored or hatched as the data is being assigned to the room. This gives the planner immediate “feedback” as the room data is manipulated. At any time the planner can quickly color or hatch the floor plan by any of the attributes and generate a legend. The planner can continue to manipulate the room data until the “what-if” information matches the desired outcome. The final what-if scenario can be colored or hatched by any of the attributes and printed to any AutoCAD supported output device or to a DWF file. 

The following basic features are included:

  • A dialog box presents a list of all rooms in the drawing.
  • Rooms can be selected to assign data by highlighting them in the list or by picking anywhere inside the room polyline.
  • Multiple rooms can be selected simultaneously so data can be manipulated in a selection of rooms.
  • When assigning room data the planner can select from a defined list-of-values.
  • The room(s) can be automatically colored or hatched as the data is assigned to the room.
  • The values are also annotated inside of the rooms and can be toggled to be visible or invisible.
  • At any time the user can color/hatch the entire floor plan based on any of the room data and a legend listing the totals for room area and room quantities is generated.
  • Multiple floor plan drawings can be manipulated when a scenario spans multiple floors and/or buildings.
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