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FMG-Graphical Report Server Features

FMG-Graphical Report System was built as an extension to FMG-Plus to automate the generation of Graphical Reports. It provides graphical reports to users that do not have AutoCAD and/or do not know how to use AutoCAD. 

The following components are used within the FMG-Graphical Report System module: 

  • An interface for requesting reports
  • A “watch dog” program that watches for requests and initiates the report generation
  • AutoCAD (purchased separately)

Benefits of FMG-Graphical Report System:

  • Free DWF Viewer (unlimited no. of users)
    • “Requesters” do not need AutoCAD
  • One-stop drawing maintenance
    • Uses the same AutoCAD drawings that are  already maintained
  • Produces a high-quality scalable/printable output
    • Takes full advantage of the power and flexibility of AutoCAD
  • Graphical reports can be easily and safely downloaded and viewed “off-line” with no degradation of quality
  • Produces “building stack” diagrams
  • Allows user to “drill-down” from site plan, to building stack, to floor plan
  • Attaches intelligent hyperlinks on every room for launching other “room based” web pages
  • Retains each users previously generated reports (until they elect to delete them)
  • Colors or Hatches rooms with multiple values (e.g. 2 or more departments in the same room)
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