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FMG-Equipment Module © Features

Using the FMG-Plus Equipment Module inside of AutoCAD, block data can be quickly exported from the floor plan drawings.  Each floor plan drawing is simply configured to identify the site, building, and floor designators.  This module can then export the block data in the drawings to any OLE/DB supported database.  Block names and descriptive data are easily configured as new blocks are added to the symbol library.

After inserting and/or deleting any blocks in a drawing, the user executes one command (EQXPORT) in AutoCAD to export the new quantities and block descriptions to the database.

Feature summary of the FMG-Equipment Module:

  • seamlessly links to any OLE/DB supported database
  • exports accurate equipment block quantities with easily configurable descriptions to the database
  • supports an unlimited number of Equipment Categories (e.g. Safety, Furniture, Mechanical etc.)
  • allows previewing blocks in a summary view or a detailed view
  • conveniently shades blocks so their locations can be quickly reviewed prior to exporting
  • allows fixed values for all blocks insertions as well as attribute data to be exported
  • compares block locations to room polylines to automatically determine the room number each block is located within
  • blocks can be inserted, rotated, moved, and scaled using all standard AutoCAD commands
  • every aspect of the equipment data tables in the database is configurable, including table names, field/column names, and all SQL statements
  • all layer names, colors, block names, text styles and sizes in AutoCAD are configurable
  • new blocks are easily added to the intelligent symbol library
  • exports all blocks for the Complete Floor or allows selecting an area of the floor and providing a unique Batch Name for the export data
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