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Paton Controls Implementing Meridian

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Paton Controls Implementing Meridian
Houston, Texas – September 30, 2011 – Paton Controls, a process engineering company, today announced its intention to implement Meridian for its drawing/document management solution. Paton requires secure electronic storage for all drawings and documents created and received in the company.  A multi-site implementation strategy is critical in order to properly serve the current and potential future sites and facilitate the sharing of workload between the sites.  The Channel...
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ComEd the newest BlueCielo Meridian Enterprise Customer
Houston, Texas – July 07, 2011 – ComEd, an Exelon Company, becomes the newest ACAD-Plus customer and will be upgrading their existing AM-Workflow environment into BlueCielo Meridian Enterprise. ComEd is upgrading from AM-Workflow to BlueCielo Meridian.  The Workflow system primarily stores drawings and contains in excess of 400,000 files.  The initial implementation will focus on configuring Meridian as a replacement for this system and performing a massive migration of th...
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Realtime Utility Engineers Implementing Meridian Enterprise
Houston, Texas – May 10, 2011 – Realtime Utility Engineers proceeds with implementing an Engineering Document Management System (EDMS) using BlueCielo Meridian Enterprise.  ACAD-Plus will utilize its rapid implementation process and flagship IntelliModules Meridian add-on tools to complete the EDMS for Realtime. Maintaining accurate, secure, and searchable customer documentation are key components of the EDMS architecture. As a result of Realtime’s requirements, all files...
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Weatherford Expands Meridian Implementation into Germany Site
Weatherford expands Meridian implementation to their Germany site. The Meridian solution will be employed in the engineering department. The solution will help manage large and complex documents and work flow process. The Meridian solution expands on existing sites in Houston and the United Kingdom.Weatherford is one of the largest oilfield services companies operating in more than 100 countries and employing more than 50,000 people worldwide. With a product and service portfolio that spans the ...
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Omron Oilfield and Marine selects ACAD-Plus to implement Meridian for their engineering documentation
Omron Oilfield & Marine is a leading provider of AC and DC drive systems and custom control systems for oil and gas and related industries. The company is rapidly gaining market share based on products that are innovative, durable and dependable. Omron Oilfield & Marine has a 24 hour worldwide parts and service network and one of the most comprehensive training programs anywhere. As a result, we are rapidly becoming the provider of choice in the industries we serve.ACAD-Plus, Inc. provid...
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