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Caltech implements an integrated Meridian/FAMIS Solution

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Caltech implements an integrated Meridian/FAMIS Solution

The new system will allow the A&E Department to manage, archive and retrieve the over 15,000 soft copy AutoCAD drawings and over 50,000 hard copy drawings currently existing. Additionally, the number of drawings and documents are increasing at a rate in excess of 30 to 50 documents every week. These documents (both hard and soft copies) are an essential resource that provides the foundation of knowledge utilized by A&E on a daily basis for both rehabilitation and new construction projects. This new electronic archive and catalog system makes it quick and easy to search for and retried a specific document or group of documents, all of which can be done at the requestors own desk. Doing the same search in the existing archive of hanging folders would be a painstaking task, more haphazard, and would likely uncover only a subset of what pertinent knowledge is actually available. The archive documents are also a key resource utilized by Central Plant and other campus groups to investigate and acquire information regarding existing building infrastructure.

"When implementing the new AM-Meridian Document database system, it was also necessary to leverage the key information relating to past and present projects located within the FAMIS database system. In order to accomplish this, ACAD-Plus was able to link key information from FAMIS into the AM-Meridian system including but not limited to project information (e.g. project name, project number, project date), building information (e.g. building name, building number, floor, room) and resource information (e.g. project manager and vendor/consultant) information. To insure the data associated with documents stays current with the FAMIS system, key fields such as project status and project manager are automatically synchronized nightly providing the AM-Meridian system with up to date data related to each document within the system." says David Mispagel of Caltech.

Key features of the new system include:

  • Provides an easy to use, central database of images, drawings, and electronic project files cataloged by location, type of drawing, age, project, and other key information.
  • Allows documents to be retrieved (both singly or in groups) quickly and easily by any criteria in the database,
  • Provides a central, one stop shopping, resource for the A&E Department and others with security access to easily access, view, and print files from each users own desk.
  • The documents are automatically backed up by the IT group to prevent loss of valuable intellectual knowledge.
  • Creates a sound foundation upon which the system can grow and expand to meet future needs.
  • Allows limited read-only access to portions of the materials to other authorized individual on campus

Caltech is one of the most highly regarded institutions of research and education in science and engineering in the world. Its Industrial Relations Center ( provides educational programs to address the business needs of technology-based companies.

ACAD-Plus, Inc. provides best-of-class Document Management solutions in Education, Energy, Utilities, Government, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Oil, Gas and Chemical. The company excels in guiding clients through the complete implementation process, including; needs assessment, requirements definition, configuration, integration. training, and supporting the turn-key solution. ACAD-Plus has implemented document management for hundreds of customers since 1991. ACAD-Plus has developed an IntelliModules solution for InnoCielo Meridian which allows for a rapid implementation of DM with robust features that precisely match the customers' specific requirements. In addition, ACAD-Plus develops software solutions to enhance the Autodesk products in a Facilities Management environment. These software solutions manage and graphically present vital facilities information that is easy to understand. ACAD-Plus has been a member of the Autodesk Developer Network since 1988. Customers use ACAD-Plus solutions to manage over 400 million square feet of facilities.

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