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BlueCielo Unveils InnoCielo 2007 Software Suite: A New Generation of Engineering Content Management Solutions

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BlueCielo Unveils InnoCielo 2007 Software Suite: A New Generation of Engineering Content Management Solutions

BlueCielo ECM Solutions (formerly Cyco Software), a leading global software company offering Engineering Content Management (ECM) solutions, today announced at its annual Americas User & Reseller Conference that it has released the new InnoCielo 2007 product suite comprising of InnoCielo Meridian Enterprise and InnoCielo TeamWork. This marks the first release of BlueCielo's popular ECM product suite under its new InnoCielo brand (formerly known as AutoManager). InnoCielo 2007 comes packed full of major new features that will help companies to effectively and securely share engineering content throughout the enterprise. InnoCielo subscribers will be among the first to receive the new software.

With the important changes that have shaped new political realities in China, India, Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, the meteoric rise of international communications and intensifying global trade, the world has truly become a global village. "Many of our customers are adopting new ways of working to stay ahead in this wildly competitive market," says Martijn Janmaat, BlueCielo CEO. Outsourcing, insourcing, offshoring and online workgroups all create a totally new business environment. Our InnoCielo 2007 product suite not only provides our customers with a vision, but also with the tools to share, leverage and manage engineering content throughout the enterprise and beyond.

InnoCielo solutions are used in multiple vertical markets worldwide by companies such as Bluewater, EDF Energy, Entergy Nuclear, ExxonMobil, Finnish Rail, the Franke Group, Hewlett Packard, Huntsman, Met-Mex Penoles, Petrobras, Pfizer, RWE, Shell and many more to manage and exchange engineering content, data, documents and information across the organization, leading to improved efficiency and reduced costs.

ACAD-Plus, Inc. provides best-of-class Document Management solutions in Education, Energy, Utilities, Government, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Oil, Gas and Chemical. The company excels in guiding clients through the complete implementation process, including; needs assessment, requirements definition, configuration, integration. training, and supporting the turn-key solution. ACAD-Plus has implemented document management for hundreds of customers since 1991. ACAD-Plus has developed an IntelliModules solution for InnoCielo Meridian which allows for a rapid implementation of DM with robust features that precisely match the customers' specific requirements. In addition, ACAD-Plus develops software solutions to enhance the Autodesk products in a Facilities Management environment. These software solutions manage and graphically present vital facilities information that is easy to understand. ACAD-Plus has been a member of the Autodesk Developer Network since 1988. Customers use ACAD-Plus solutions to manage over 400 million square feet of facilities.

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