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BlueCielo Launches BlueCielo Meridian Enterprise 2012 Solution Suite

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BlueCielo Launches BlueCielo Meridian Enterprise 2012 Solution Suite

Rijswijk, The Netherlands – February 14, 2012 – BlueCielo ECM Solutions, the leading global software company offering Engineering Content Management (ECM) and Asset Information Management (AIM) solutions, announced today that it has released the latest version of its flagship ECM solution for Asset Owner/Operators: the BlueCielo Meridian Enterprise 2012 suite.

The 2012 release of BlueCielo Meridian Enterprise supports the latest versions of authoring applications including Microsoft Office, Autodesk AutoCAD and Inventor, Bentley MicroStation and Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks. One of the new features is enhanced support for Autodesk Revit, allowing Revit models to be managed within the broader scope of your business processes. Within change projects, concurrent engineering is also fully supported. The release offers many more major enhancements and improvements related to usability, search and retrieve, configurability, deployment and viewing.

One of the main themes of BlueCielo Meridian Enterprise 2012 is regulatory compliance. Primary requirements for regulated industries have now become core features of BlueCielo Meridian Enterprise 2012, including built-in support for document renditions, subscription, email notification and server-based viewing to avoid local downloads of documents. Pharmaceutical companies can expand on this with the addition of the BlueCielo Meridian 2012 FDA module for compliance with FDA 21 CFR 11.

Pre-announcement - Extended Cloud Solution Offering
Asset Owner/Operators within the process and power industry have to manage many change projects each year, from small plant changes to large capital projects. These change projects almost always require contributions from external contractors and suppliers. To improve collaboration, interoperability, reduce project throughput time and lower project costs, BlueCielo presents its new cloud-based extension of the Meridian suite: BlueCielo Meridian Project Portal 2012. This new module is built on a proven solution that has been used by BlueCielo customers over the last 10 years to manage their largest and most complex projects, which has now been fully integrated into the BlueCielo Meridian solution suite.

BlueCielo Meridian Project Portal 2012 enables collaboration with contractors, suppliers, officials and customers participating in the project, regardless of location or time zone and without any additional software installation required. It also offers highly efficient batch processing of documents throughout various phases of the change project, scalability to match various sizes of projects and unique flexibility in meeting the needs of different organizations.

About BlueCielo Meridian Enterprise
BlueCielo Meridian Enterprise is a versatile Engineering Content Management solution with a broad range of features, allowing various company types in multiple industries to optimize their business processes related to the creation, collaboration and distribution of engineering data. BlueCielo Meridian Enterprise is used as an Asset Information Management solution for Asset Owner/Operators, as well as an Engineering Data Management solution for engineering contractors and equipment suppliers. This is made possible with the solution’s many features, its great flexibility for configuration to meet specific customer requirements and the availability of add-on modules to address specific business needs.

About BlueCielo ECM Solutions
BlueCielo ECM Solutions is a world leader in sophisticated software solutions in Asset Information Management (AIM) and Engineering Content Management (ECM) for capital-intensive Asset Owner/Operators and engineering, procurement and construction or architectural (EPC/AEC) projects. With over 300,000 satisfied users worldwide, BlueCielo’s independent AIM and ECM solutions integrate with virtually all mainstream document or content management systems and operational business control systems.

The company is headquartered in The Netherlands and has offices in America, Brazil, Finland, Germany, Russia and the United Kingdom that, together with an well-established international network of solution partners, ensures global service and support for its best-of-breed software solutions: BlueCielo Meridian Enterprise, Kronodoc, ProjectForce, TeamWork and ImandrA. One of the first to develop software to manage engineering data, BlueCielo has been a software technology pioneer since 1983, with unparalleled knowledge in the field of ECM. BlueCielo is an official partner of Autodesk, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and SolidWorks.

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