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BlueCielo ECM Solutions releases Meridian Extension for Microsoft SharePoint

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BlueCielo ECM Solutions releases Meridian Extension for Microsoft SharePoint

BlueCielo ECM Solutions for Microsoft SharePoint Through integration with Microsoft SharePoint, BlueCielo ECM Solution can be expanded even further within the enterprise. BlueCielo ECM Solutions now provides publish. find, retrieve, and collaborate solutions he on Microsoft SharePoint.

Publish engineering content from BlueCielo Meridian to Microsoft SharePoint SharePoint is often used as a portal to share knowledge throughout the enterprise. Engineering content can be provided to SharePoint sites by making use of our Publisher module for SharePoint. If required, the documents can first be rendered into Adobe PDF format, and based on status changes in the ECM system, the documents with their metadata can be sent to SharePoint. This is especially useful in sharing information such as regulations, standards and procedures.

Direct access to BlueCielo Meridian through Microsoft SharePoint web part The internal user community that requires engineering content for their own business processes can access the data through their specific SharePoint site. A web part enables the users to directly see the technical content that resides in the ECM system. This is, for example, useful to provide a SharePoint site to specific project teams, while the authoring process is fully managed within the BlueCielo Meridian environment. The web part will be brought to market first as a read-only web part.

Microsoft SharePoint as collaboration portal for BlueCielo Meridian Where collaboration is required with user groups outside the organization, such as with contractors who need to participate in a project, an Engineering Collaboration Portal in Micrososft SharePoint is now available. This solution is based on our Global Collaboration Framework module. Documents in BlueCielo Meridian can be indicated for collaboration and made visible within a specific Microsoft SharePoint site. In this site, new documents can be created and will be synchronized with BlueCielo Meridian . The Global Collaboration Framework module for Microft SharePoint ensures that the ownership of the document is managed correctly.

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