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United States Department of the Treasury implements AiMCAD

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United States Department of the Treasury implements AiMCAD

AssetWorks, a leader in intelligent workplace management, in partnership with ACAD-Plus, a provider of best-in-class drawing/document management solutions and computer aided design (CAD) optimization for facilities management, today jointly announced that the US Department of Treasury has selected AiMCAD.  The AiMCAD solution links floor plan drawing to asset management data and provides a bi-directional link between AutoCAD® drawings and the broader AiM™ integrated workplace management system (IWMS).  Users of AiMCAD can easily generate detailed graphical reports directly from CAD drawings leveraging AiM data, and because AiMCAD exports accurate CAD floor plan drawing data to AiM, room counts and area calculations are also precise.

Using floor plan drawings prepared with AiMCAD, space planners at the US Department of Treasury can easily experiment with room data by color-highlighting rooms to visualize various space planning scenarios.  One or more floor plan drawings can be used to create planning scenarios that span multiple floors and/or buildings.  Drawings can be optionally modified using standard AutoCAD commands to reflect new or demolished walls or partitions in the planning scenario.

About The United States Department of Treasury
The Department of the Treasury is an executive department and the treasury of the United States federal government. It was established by an Act of Congress in 1789 to manage government revenue. The Department is administered by the Secretary of the Treasury, who is a member of the Cabinet. The Treasury prints and mints all paper currency and coins in circulation through the Bureau of Engraving and Printing and the United States Mint. The Department also collects all federal taxes through the Internal Revenue Service, and manages U.S. government debt instruments.

The basic functions of the Department of the Treasury mainly include:
• Producing all currency, coinage and postage stamps of the U.S.
• Collecting taxes, duties and money paid to and due to the U.S.
• Paying all bills of the U.S.
• Managing the federal finances
• Managing government accounts and the United States public debt
• Supervising national banks and thrift institutions
• Advising on domestic and international financial, monetary, economic, trade and tax policy (fiscal policy being the sum of these, and the ultimate responsibility of Congress)
• Enforcing federal finance and tax laws
• Investigating and prosecuting tax evaders
• Publishing statistical reports

About AssetWorks
AssetWorks delivers industry-leading business solutions that help asset- and infrastructure-intensive organizations control capital and operating expenditures, reduce operational complexity, and manage regulatory and policy-driven risk.  Leveraging a comprehensive portfolio of software and consulting solutions, we help organizations work more efficiently by improving access to shared asset data, promoting greater transparency across the organization, improving service delivery, maximizing asset availability and uptime and reducing total cost of ownership.  Using the latest cloud and mobile computing technologies, our asset management solutions and domain expertise help organizations eliminate waste, redundancy, and inefficiency.  For more information, visit:

About ACAD-Plus, Inc. 
ACAD-Plus is a full-service firm specializing in best-of-class Document Management, Engineering Content Management, and Integrated Workplace Management Systems software and services in the Facilities Management industry. ACAD-Plus is a premier Solutions Partner for BlueCielo ECM Solutions, focusing on the unique document management challenges in the Higher Education Facilities Management environment. ACAD Plus developed IntelliModules to enhance BlueCielo's Meridian software to match the integration requirements of our Higher Education Facilities Management customers. This solution integrates Meridian with existing Project Management, Maintenance Management, and Space Management systems. ACAD-Plus also developed FMG Plus, the most powerful and flexible solution for linking AutoCAD drawings to facilities management data. To round-off our full-service approach we provide "as-built" field verification and drafting services, having documented more than 400 million square feet of facilities worldwide.


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