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"I wanted to thank you for a great two years of working together and an awesome tool that your team designed and programmed. Please pass on this word of gratitude to the entire ACAD-Plus team. I continue to receive very positive feedback from our ‘pilot’ team – now called the ‘Expert Team’. Not that they have attained ‘expert’ level – but they are striving towards that goal. I look forward to more of the same in the future.” 

Real Estate & Workplace Services Program Manager for a major computer manufacturer

“Prior to our implementation, searches in the existing archive of hanging folders and file cabinets would be a painstaking task likely uncovering only a subset of pertinent knowledge actually available. This innovative approach provides a central, one-stop resource for other departments to securely access documents from their own desk. We have created a sound foundation upon which the system can expand to meet our future needs.” 

David Mispagel, Project Manager at California Institute of Technology 

“Customers today expect Integrated Workforce Management Systems (IWMS) and Engineering Document Management (EDM) systems to integrate seamlessly. The strategic partnership with ACAD-Plus allows us to deliver on that expectation and turn integration into an advantage for our mutual customers.” 

Michael Ellis, CEO of FAMIS Software, Inc. 

“Meridian helps the Design and Construction Office in its mission by helping us organize, store and retrieve the large quantity of construction documents generated by our building projects. In addition, it assists us in supporting our various campus clients by making our documents more accessible to others.”

Michael Craig Smith, AIA, Director, Office of Design and Construction at California State University Fullerton 

“We are using The software with fantastic success. It was easy to learn, saves us a great deal of time, and is very accurate which is of utmost importance to us. We are extremely pleased.” 

Audrey Follmer, Partner - Kipp Flores Architects 

“The PlotPlan Software is a remarkably powerful program that will clearly increase productivity by more than fifty percent. It has been able to produce more than 3500 plot plans in a year with a minimal number of staff.” 

James R. Webb, AIA, Consultant to Home Builders 

“Meridian allows Engineering to manage projects and drawings, and provide current drawing revisions of the plant, machinery, and equipment for Purchasing to find and order critical spares and replacement parts, and for Maintenance to troubleshoot and repair equipment 24/7.”

Darrel Ludwig, Facilities Engineering Manager - Wyman Gordon Forgings 

“Meridian has allowed us to concentrate our resources on other business processes while the Electronic Data Management process is established and well understood.” 

Steve McClure, Quality Production Manager - Advantage Research & Development a Weatherford company

“Why didn't we always have this? (Meridian)” 

Information Technology Manager - a Major U.S. University


“This is the best product (Meridian) implementation I have ever seen.” 

Facilities Manager - a Major U.S. University 


“In my career, I have never seen a software package (Meridian) that is so easy to use and so critical to what we do.” 

Facilities Design Administrator - a Major U.S. University


“Prior to Meridian, it would have taken me half an hour to find the documents I needed. I found them in minutes with Meridian.” 

CAD Drafting Manager - a Major U.S. University


“We picked BlueCielo & ACAD-Plus because it integrates with facilities management software very well. This has allowed the project description, building name and vendor list to automatically populate or be available in the Meridian software”. 

Sharon Davis, Director, Administrative Services - The University of Connecticut


“ACAD-Plus has been very responsive to our needs--they are all very knowledgeable and pleasant to work with.” 

Charles Hogan, Coordinator, Facilities Planning - The University of Florida